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Assessment for Team Development

Want to do some work with your team, but not quite sure where to start? Need someone else’s view of the team? Use this quick assessment to rate the team across areas critical to success. The simple view of the results will help identify the strengths and development opportunities giving you clarity as you set priorities and develop goals for any work you do.

This is designed to help your thinking and give you a starting point – it is of course only one view! We would recommend surveying all team members to get an accurate picture of the dynamics. We can assist you with a simple online survey and supplement it with one on one interviews if needed.

Contact us for more details on the surveys or if you simply want to discuss how to address your particular team dynamics or development needs.



For each measure of Team Effectiveness please select the option you think best describes the characteristics of this team. When you have completed all your selections, click 'Next'.

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Clarity Session

Need the space to think?

Be asked the right questions to help you look at things differently and work out what will make the greatest difference to the performance of your business, your team or you personally including:

  • Getting clarity about the future what and the why
  • Developing new perspectives to see hidden issues
  • Recognising and using existing resources (internal and external)
  • Lifting energy and focus to take the next steps

A safe space with no obligations to help you get clarity.

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Let's Talk

I would love to find out more about your business, your vision for the future and the leadership needed to deliver that vision. I'll also share insights on how other people and organisations are finding greater success through leadership.

Simply get in touch by completing the form or calling +61 407 262 475. Or you can schedule a time with me now.

Let’s explore how I can help you and your team connect to success.

Get Clarity

Sometimes it's hard to see through the clutter life presents and finding clarity seems impossible.

A $220 (inc gst) half hour Clarity Session can help you focus on what you want to achieve, why it's important and the steps you need to take to get there.

In your half hour Clarity Session, we’ll discuss;
- What you want to achieve & why it's important
- Your top 2-3 goals
- Possible next steps to achieve your goals.