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One-on-One Coaching

My work is underpinned by the premise that by being a better leader, we can create a better world and lead a better life.

I work to be a catalyst for change that creates lasting positive impact for individuals, teams, business and community. I adopt a systemic approach which looks underneath the symptoms to reveal the causes. From here we'll explore what is needed for you to create positive impact and move forward successfully.


Clarity session

Sometimes you need a safe space to think and talk through the key challenges you are facing.

Running in half hour blocks a telephone (or equivalent) coaching session will create the space you need and help you focus on what you want to achieve, why it is important and what to do next.

The coaching session is preceded by a short questionnaire to ensure we spend our time to maximum effect.

Coaching with Murray - what we'll cover

Coaching is not about giving advice or telling you what to do, for me, it is about building greater awareness and connecting you with the knowledge, resources and answers you already have within enabling you to work through issues and generate actions for yourself.

I will assist you to identify goals and through a serious of questions generate a range of options and evaluate them to get the best approach to a problem and commitment to action. The decisions will be yours. My work goes below the surface to bring deep insight, create new thinking and develop the best way forward whilst keeping it as simple and direct as possible.

My role as a Coach is to assist you in developing goals and actions for the future around specific issues. I do not provide mentoring, counselling, or therapy.

Examples of the subjects we'll explore are;

Getting clarity and focus about the future what, why and how

Bringing order and removing blockages

Working through change and finding the opportunities it presents

Building confidence and skills to support personal growth as a leader

Growing Resilience and reducing stress to bring balance

Having the difficult conversations

Developing an engaged and committed team

Growing personal influence and impact on others and results

Developing leadership presence

How coaching sessions run

Whatever we work on it’s important we hit the ground running and focus on your key challenges.

Before our time starts, we need to be clear on the outcomes you’re after. To ensure this, I will ask you to respond to some preliminary questions during the booking process.

During the course of our conversation, I will ‘check-in’ to confirm I’m providing what you’re after. If when we reach this point, you have any concern that my approach falls below your expectations, please say so. This will allow us to reset and change direction.

Towards the conclusion of our session, I will ask you to confirm the actions you will take as a consequence of our discussion and at this point, I too will summarise any commitments I have made with regards the sharing of contacts or information. It is expected that you take your own notes.

If we are doing a one-off Clarity session, we will review how far we’ve come and depending on your needs, may explore the role and frequency of further bookings.

Where a coaching program is sponsored by your employer, the same questions are asked before the program and a kick off three-way meeting with your direct manager is held to agree the goals of the program and again at the end of the program to review progress and discuss any ongoing support you need.

As part of the coaching program we will sign a coaching agreement.

Please note, I start and finish sessions on time and cannot make adjustments or compensate with less than 24 hours notice. I’m very respectful of time and ask that you are too!

One-on-One Enquiry Form

Please fill in the form below and Murray will be in touch.

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Clarity Session

Need the space to think?

Be asked the right questions to help you look at things differently and work out what will make the greatest difference to the performance of your business, your team or you personally including:

  • Getting clarity about the future what and the why
  • Developing new perspectives to see hidden issues
  • Recognising and using existing resources (internal and external)
  • Lifting energy and focus to take the next steps

A safe space with no obligations to help you get clarity.

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I would love to find out more about your business, your vision for the future and the leadership needed to deliver that vision. I'll also share insights on how other people and organisations are finding greater success through leadership.

Simply get in touch by completing the form or calling +61 407 262 475. Or you can schedule a time with me now.

Let’s explore how I can help you and your team connect to success.

Get Clarity

Sometimes it's hard to see through the clutter life presents and finding clarity seems impossible.

A $220 (inc gst) half hour Clarity Session can help you focus on what you want to achieve, why it's important and the steps you need to take to get there.

In your half hour Clarity Session, we’ll discuss;
- What you want to achieve & why it's important
- Your top 2-3 goals
- Possible next steps to achieve your goals.