The Leadership Moments Podcast

I talk to successful people and ask them three simple questions:

  • Who in your early career had the biggest influence on your approach to leadership
  • What was your 'aha' moment – the moment you got it, and understood what leadership was all about?
  • What was your biggest failure and what did you learn that still informs your leadership today?

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Subscribe to The Leadership Moments Podcast

Never miss a Leadership Moment by signing up below to receive an email notification on the release of new podcasts.

Get a taste for some of the interesting and insightful leadership stories that people share.


Boost your business & leadership skills by hearing how-to’s from business leaders of today. They’ll share invaluable insights, tips, knowledge & resources to help you & your team on the journey to success.


Performance and Wellbeing – a Symbiotic Relationship

Audrey McGibbon, psychologist, business leader, wellbeing expert and co-creator of the Global Leadership Wellb.. Read More

Surfing the Wave

David Anderson is the Group CEO and co-founder of the Big Red Group which is riding the wave of the shift from.. Read More

How knowledge can get in our way

Leaders need not fear the unknown – step into it, embrace it with confidence and discover the opportunities it.. Read More


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Tomorrow’s Leadership

Professor Peter Hawkins is an author, consultant and researcher in leadership cultural change and organisation.. Read More

Career Coaching: Stop and think about your career

Jill Livesey specialises in career coaching, working with leaders to help them engage their team members with .. Read More

Workspaces for new ways of working

Re-thinking workspace design to inspire employees and customers. Hear James Kemp, CEO of Amicus explain how a .. Read More

Stepping into the Future

This is a must-listen to discussion as Phil Cross, a digital consultant and strategist takes us into the futur.. Read More


15 minutes of insight and inspiration with Oscar Trimboli, from the Deep Listening Podcast, my friend Michael .. Read More

Life is Messy

Tony is from the world of marketing, specifically branding. He shares learnings about change and dealing with .. Read More

The Intersection of Economics and Politics

Well known Economist, Commentator and Executive in Residence at the University of Technology Sydney Business S.. Read More

The Power of Asking for Help

It is important to recognize your limitations, to know when you need help and be humble enough to ask for it. .. Read More

How to Listen in Colour

Did you know we spend a minimum 55% of our day listening? Oscar, an executive coach and author, explains the c.. Read More


Take a break – 12 minutes of insight and inspiration with highlights from the Leadership Moments of Liane McGr.. Read More

A view from the boardroom

Giselle Collins transitioned from CEO to professional director. She serves on several boards and has been Chai.. Read More

2018 Recap - Learnings and insights

Murray answers the three leadership questions and shares his leadership moments from 2018, what he learned and.. Read More

Collaboration and Creating Shared Value

Phil Preston is the founder of Collaborative Advantage, an independent consultancy working at the intersection.. Read More

The Role of Nutrition in Good Leadership

Nicole McAuliffe’s business, Create Wellbeing Group, specialises in executive coaching, facilitation, clinical.. Read More

Stop and Think

Liane McGrath, Director and founder of ThinkTime, encourages us all to stop, think, become aware of our belief.. Read More


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Making a difference

Sharon Cauldwell has worked for one company for 25 years. She shares with us how she has embraced change and e.. Read More

The Role of Mindfulness & Resilience in Leadership Through the Lens of the Researchers

Packed with interesting facts, stories and useful references for everyday leadership, listen and learn more ab.. Read More

Facing Down the Storm - Taking Responsibility as a Leader

Michelle Feros, National Director, People, Quality & Communications at Autism Spectrum (or Aspect) gives u.. Read More

The future is coming - are you ready?

Kevin shares his leadership moments, talks about the disruption we are facing and explains why we have to cont.. Read More


Highlights from Kristen Green, Executive Manager Aquafit Fitness and Leisure; Lee Williams, Infinity Leadershi.. Read More

When a team is not a team

John Raymond, principal and head of coaching at the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership in Sydney, .. Read More

Lessons from the Mountain

In this episode Dominic Wells, Director of Clearpoint Communications, talks about the being and doing of leade.. Read More

What's your purpose?

Lee Williams, director of Infinity Leadership, had an epiphany when he participated in a leadership program in.. Read More

What have we learned so far?

After the completion of 20 Episodes of the Leadership Moments Podcast, Murray reflects on how his thinking aro.. Read More

Holding true to your 'self' and speaking up

Kristen Green is Executive Manager of the Aquafit Fitness and Leisure in Campbelltown. Listen to how she devel.. Read More

Short & Sweet – Highlights from Episodes 16-19

Highlights from John Felton of the Centre of Personal Performance, Chris Thomas CEO of Transplant Australia, M.. Read More

Simple, but not easy

Pia Lee, an experienced leadership consultant and CEO of LIW, brings her energy and passion to this episode to.. Read More

Bringing People on the Journey

Chris Thomas, CEO of Transplant Australia and President of the World Transplant Games Federation talks about t.. Read More

Paying it Forward

Be inspired as you hear Michael Combs talk about the influence of his Grandmother had on him that led to h.. Read More

Building leadership capacity – taking care of your mind and body

Olympian John Felton from the Centre for Personal Performance, shares his passion for helping people improve t.. Read More

Short & Sweet – Highlights from Episodes 11-14

Hear Leanne Pilkington, CEO of Laing & Simmons, Rob Metcalfe, Director of Succeedo Global, Sarah Cornally,.. Read More

Experience, hard work, creating your own opportunities and juggling

Bob Lunnon is a retired former Director of Global Leisure Sales Asia Pacific – Starwood Hotels and Resorts wit.. Read More

System dynamics and what it brings to leadership

Sarah Cornally is sought out by major companies and organisations to work on complex issues. Listen to how she.. Read More

The three questions for leaders

Rob Metcalfe, director of Succeedo Global a consultancy firm that supports executive leadership teams and ende.. Read More

Women in Leadership - being true to yourself

Leanne Pilkington is the managing director of the NSW boutique real estate group Laing+Simmons and Preside.. Read More

Short & Sweet – Highlights from Episodes 6-9

Hear Troy Cuthbertson, GM QT Melbourne, Scott Boyes VP Operations NSW-ACT for Accor Hotels, Olga Gelauff, Loca.. Read More

One extra second - success at home and at work with mindfulness

Gillian Coutts CEO of the Potential Project talks about how “mindfulness” can change your life in really signi.. Read More

Going beyond hard work to change perceptions and have a positive impact

Scott Boyes, Vice President Operations, NSW, ACT for Accor Hotels tells us when he realised that hard work was.. Read More

Believing in the talents and capabilities of your people to create a winning team

Olga Gelauff is a manager in the local government of Woerden in the Netherlands. She talks about the importanc.. Read More

Lessons from opening a hotel: communication and managing expectations

Troy Cuthbertson GM of the QT Melbourne talks about how to get the best out of your team and the importance of.. Read More

Short & Sweet – Highlights from Episodes 1-4

Hear Erkin Aytekin, GM Pullman Melbourne on the Park, Richard Holt GM Accor Darling Harbour, Simon McGrath COO.. Read More

Always expect the unexpected and never make assumptions

Mhairi Holway VP Human Resources Pandora Australia and NZ talks about the importance of giving people freedom .. Read More

Moving from Managing to Leading

Simon McGrath COO Accor Hotels Pacific Region talks about the influence of his father showing him how to work .. Read More

Learning from the bad example

Interview with Richard Holt – GM Accor Hotels Darling Harbour. Richard talks about how he learned the.. Read More

The importance of feedback and finding a shared “why” for your team

Erkin Aytekin GM Pullman Melbourne on the Park talks about the importance of seeking feedback and setting goal.. Read More


A chance encounter with a stranger gave Joe Gebbia an idea to help pay his rent. That idea turned into Airbnb.... Listen now

You’re striving to create a really compelling understanding of the organisation and what you stand for... Listen now

Gill was an Australian woman living in London. She lost both her legs after an explosion on the tube. A refusal to hate the people who planned the attacks prevailed. This is her story... Listen now

In 1981, Howard Shultz walked into a little coffee bean shop called Starbucks and fell in love with it. A few years later, he bought the six-store chain. A fascinating leadership story... Listen now

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