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My why is to be a catalyst for change and growth in individuals and teams that creates positive impact across the business.

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What is Leadership?

Leadership is not judged by what you say, but by what you do and the example you set. It's all about demonstrating behaviours that enable and engage all your people to be leaders themselves.

Make a conscious choice about what you do. In making that choice, have a positive impact on the business and the people around you

Leadership is not always about the big things. The little things we do each day inspire and support others to be their best. Behaviours of individuals and teams create the culture of an organisation. If there is a cultural problem, these behaviours will need to be addressed.

Our work is all about growing self-awareness to ensure people can lead themselves as a foundation for leading others

The most successful companies, whether large or small, know that to get things done the creation of the right culture is essential.

Murray Wright and Associates - Business Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring

Why Murray Wright & Associates?

I am passionate about giving people the skills and tools to become leaders who actively engage with the people around them. This enables them to encourage and support collaborative, achievement-focused behaviour across the entire organisation.

I facilitate the difficult conversations that give insight to leadership blocks for individuals, teams and businesses - generating commitment and accountability to enable changes in thinking and behaviour that are required for success.

With a network of experienced and like-minded associates, there is a diverse range of skills and experience on-call to strengthen the outcome for my clients.

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What you can expect from working with Murray Wright

I bring presence and commitment to building relationships, supporting change and personal growth with individuals and teams. This creates and promotes leadership not just at the top, but at every level of an organisation.

Whether coaching individuals or working with teams, I recognise that everyone is different and each situation throws up its unique challenges. That's why every program is tailored to reflect the specific requirements of each client.

Individuals vs Teams

I help individuals recognise what makes the greatest difference to life and performance such as:

  • Getting clarity and focus about the future what and the why
  • Creating balance to reduce stress and lift energy through change
  • Removing the blocks to having the difficult conversations
  • Building the right skills to support personal growth as a leader

When helping teams my work includes:

  • Removing the obstacles that impede trust, collaboration and accountability
  • Creating alignment to a clear vision, strategic plan and the values that underpin it
  • Building the leadership skills and behaviours to support the vision and deliver the plan

I work to create a safe but challenging environment that taps into the shared knowledge and experience in the room. Experiential learning supports reflection, the creation of awareness and the embodiment of knew knowledge and skills. I also like to bring a bit of fun into what I do.

At the end of whatever work I am doing there will be commitment to agreed actions with responsibilities clearly stated.

I work with a range of recognised tools to support my coaching and leadership development as appropriate including:

All work done is surveyed to measure impact and assist in understanding the best next steps to support change. The surveys provide invaluable insights to evolve and develop my own practice.

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I would love to find out more about your business, your vision for the future and the leadership needed to deliver that vision. I'll also share insights on how other people and organisations are finding greater success through leadership.

Simply get in touch by completing the form or calling +61 407 262 475. Let’s explore how I can help you and your team unleash leadership across the business.

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I was unsure about working with Murray on the Team Development Program as we hadn’t met previously at all but my first impression was very positive. He had a clear understanding of our objectives and challenges. Murray’s confidence displayed that he had the expertise and tools to assist us. He was very engaging and knowledgeable.

I chose Murray Wright because of the confidence that he projected and communicated to be able to deliver results we needed.

The benefits since using Murray Wright are that we are now a much more cohesive, honest and connected team dynamic (from one that was previously fractured and somewhat counterproductive…) and we have increased business performance and engagement.

I would definitely recommend the Team Development Program with Murray Wright due to the results achieved. Recommending Murray is a very clear and comfortable recommendation to make.

Richard Holt, General Manager, Novotel Darling Harbour

…The process helped us identify the key issues in the business and develop the strategies to overcome them… it was one of the best things we had done.

Alastair Fernie, General Manager, Harvey’s Choice Holidays

Murray Wright’s industry knowledge and experience means he understands the challenges we face …allowing the team to trust and relate well with him.

…I have a much better understanding of myself and the team around me.

Jason Dowd, General Manager, Park Regis Singapore

After we had met initially I was confident that Murray would be able to provide me with the coaching I required to help me address the many challenges my company faced. 

It was a combination of Murray’s business and work experience, and his personality, which led me to believe he could assist me to better confront the difficult issues that lay ahead.

I’ve learnt to be more confident in my own abilities, and to make sure I apply my skills on a more consistent basis.  It has been useful to see where my strengths and particularly my weaknesses lie, so I can work on improving in specific areas of performance.

Murray is an excellent coach, as his main priority is you the person, but at the same time he is able to advise you within the context of the job you are doing.  He does not need to know the ins and outs of the business, but he is able to quickly analyse and appreciate the particular problem or dilemma which you are putting to him, and then guide you to your own conclusion about a solution

Michael Bleasdale, CEO, Moda Home Modifications Australia

Murray has helped me successfully change the way I work… As a coach he has challenged my thinking and held me accountable to myself.

Ronald de Haan, Chief Operating Officer Australia, Campus Living Villages


Since I established Murray Wright & Associates, I have helped numerous people grow as leaders, unlock their inner greatness and inspire those around them. The teams I have worked with have developed greater trust, accountability and focus on agreed goals underpinned by a clear purpose and shared values.

  • Accor Hotels
  • Blackwood Industrial
  • Campbelltown Catholic Club
  • Campus Living Villages
  • Carlson Residor
  • Cushman & Wakefield
  • Dee Why RSL
  • Four Seasons Hotel Sydney
  • Galloway Partners
  • Harvey's Choice Holidays
  • Home Modifications Australia
  • International College of Hotel Management
  • Laing & Simmons Corporation
  • Men of League Foundation
  • Novotel Sydney Darling Harbour
  • Pan Pacific Hotels
  • Park Regis Singapore and Dubai
  • Park Royal Melbourne Airport
  • Park Royal Parramatta
  • Pullman on the Park Melbourne
  • Rydges Hotels & Resorts
  • Sofitel Wentworth
  • Staywell Group
  • The Sultan Jakarta

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  • Getting clarity about the future what and the why
  • Developing new perspectives to see hidden issues
  • Recognising and using existing resources (internal and external)
  • Lifting energy and focus to take the next steps

Pure inspiration and practical guidance.

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I would love to find out more about your business, your vision for the future and the leadership needed to deliver that vision. I'll also share insights on how other people and organisations are finding greater success through leadership.

Simply get in touch by completing the form or calling +61 407 262 475. Let’s explore how I can help you and your team unleash leadership across the business.

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